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The New Talent Strand is for filmmaking teams making their first or second feature film. If you are an established producer you should apply to the Main Strand (for exact criteria see 'Producers' page).

Please ensure you save your application at various intervals throughout this process to avoid losing information

Note: if you have applied in a previous year, you may get an error when submitting if you use the same email address. To avoid losing your work, please use a different email address where possible, or contact [email protected] specifying the email address you wish to reuse so that it can be reset before you complete the form.

Deadline for applications: Monday, 15th July 2024, 5pm

Section A: Key contact & production company details

Section B: Project information

Main cast (OPTIONAL):
(fill in actors' names and tick appropriate boxes)


Completion finance

If you are applying for completion finance, please include a link to an up-to-date edit of the project. This can be an assembly edit. Rushes are not accepted.

Section C: Financial information

Financiers/partners already attached to the project
(names, companies and countries)

Section D: Team & company profile

Producer's track record


Please attach the following supporting documents. If you are applying for completion finance, please ignore this section and continue.

Completion Finance

If you are applying to New Talent strand for completion finance, please attach the following supporting documents. Please refer to the New Talent strand guidelines.
NB. please note you are not required to submit a script if you are applying for completion funds.

Please note:

If your project is selected, your application will turn into your individual profile page included in our password protected delegate website. By mutual agreement Film London will make specific project and company information accessible to attending financiers as well as publish specific information in the PFM/New Talent strand catalogue. Film London holds the right to edit wording and grammar for inclusion in online and print profiles. If your application is successful the project title, director's name, your production company and the logline may be mentioned in press information relating to the PFM/New Talent strand.

The Film London Production Finance Market and its New Talent Strand are held in association with the BFI London Film Festival and supported by the Mayor of London, BFI Film Fund and the Department for Business & Trade.