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Many thanks for your interest in applying as a financier to the Production Finance Market and/or its New Talent strand.

While the main PFM will represent feature film projects presented by established producers, with a minimum budget of €1m or higher (except for documentaries which can be at any budget level) the New Talent strand will showcase debut feature film projects from up and coming talent (with budgets of all levels - as of last year we have dispensed with the €1m maximum for NTS).

The PFM and its New Talent strand have 10 main categories of financiers:

Mature international production and finance companies committed to co-producing/financing international films with the UK and European partners.

Film funds from the UK, Europe and where appropriate, other international territories.

Private equity funds and investors from the UK and abroad, including hedge fund representatives.

Banks active in the film financing sector.

Screen agencies or other public funding bodies with financial schemes; and the UK national film bodies and Regional Screen Agencies that have active production financing schemes.

International film sales companies.

Leading international and single territory distributors and broadcasters committed to film financing.

International Film Commissions who provide funding based on the production or part thereof taking place in their territory/region.

Post and Facilities houses interested in offering in kind equity deals, match funding, and deferred.

Music Licensing, Legal firms and Marketing companies offering in kind and equity collaboration and advice to low/micro budget film projects.

VOD Platforms looking to acquire micro budget work.

Please note:

If you wish to apply for both the PFM and its New Talent strand, two separate applications are required. It is not possible to attend both the main PFM and its New Talent strand as a single company representative. Two company representatives have to split their attendance across both market strands.

The Film London Production Finance Market and its New Talent Strand are held in association with the BFI London Film Festival and supported by the Mayor of London, BFI Film Fund and the Department for Business & Trade.